Success Stories

My Husband and I recently returned from our vacation in the Hawaiian Islands.  This has been a lifelong dream of mine and it has served as my 60th birthday gift as well as our monumental wedding anniversary trip. 

Let me just back up a few months.  I had been having neck and shoulder pain for many, many months before I cam to Advanced Chiropractic and met Dr. Jason.  This pain was mostly due to a severe falI I had a year and a half ago.  As time went on it became worse and worse until I started under care with Dr Jason and started with adjustments and therapy three times a week and an "at home" exercise program to help in my wellness plan...why? What he was offering me I could not refuse...a plan that didn't include any medication, offered many more benefits than just being pain free, but it also offered a healthier lifestyle with a different mindset, clearer thinking and really knowing that all this was through the hands of Dr. Jason with God working through him.  Each visit I  began to feel so much better, happier, more joyful and embracing life with a more openness and feeling so good.  I knew NOW was the time for my lifelong dream to come true.  I was feeling GREAT!

I learned firsthand About Chiropractic care and any questions I had were always addressed. Before coming to Advanced Chiropractic I put off going to Hawaii because it was not in the forefront, my neck and shoulder pain was.  I thank God that he led me to Dr. Jason because I do believe that I would have just continued in pain and would have never made this remarkable trip.

Each visit to Advanced Chiropractic Renews me! This practice is not just about a spine adjustment - it is about your whole being, about being well from the inside out! Everyone at this practice treats you like family and this is what I feel like every time I walk into the practice.

Turning 60 and feeling great my husband and I had a wonderful 21 day trip!  It was full of energy, laughter, meeting great people, hiking, swimming, snorkeling and experiencing the beauty God created.  You see my heart was open and my mind was clear because I was in NO pain.  Chiropractic care is much more than "getting adjusted", it can change your life, a life too short not to be lived to the fullest.  It is all about quality not quantity.  Live Life Joyfully!  

-Kathy J.

"I came to Advanced Chiropractic several years ago due to pain from a recent car accident.  I have stayed a patient because of the excellent care, continual wellness education and gracious staff.

Several head and neck injuries from accidents over the years have caused me chronic neck and shoulder pain, especially during tax season!  Dr. Jason has proven to me that chiropractic care, corrective exercises, as well as a healthier lifestyle choices such as regular exercise and paleo kept me pain free and much happier!

Dr. Jason is a wealth of knowledge!  I always benefit from his wellness seminars.  Dr. Jason is one of my most trusted medical advisors!"

-Janette P

"Dr. Bailey is very knowledgeable and thorough in his work.  He cares about his patients and never rushes a session.  I would recommend him to everyone, especially VETERANS!

-Maurice S.

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