Your First Visit

.Patient Forms:

Upon entering our office, our receptionist will  welcome you as a member of our family.  We will request that you complete our  patient forms located in the New Patient Center and bring those with you to help save you time.  If you can not have the paperwork filled out before coming in, please come 20 minutes before your appointment time to ensure you will be seen promptly at your scheduled appointment.  


The doctor will meet with you initially and perform a complimentary chiropractic evaluation to determine if you are a chiropractic canidate before any diagnostic test are performed.  If after the doctors initial evaluation he/she believes you have a subluxation limiting your health he/she will then determine which diagnostic test should be run.  The cost and explanation of the necessary test will be outlined before anything will be done, there will be no surprises.   

The test that may be recommend are: (underlined test have links)

 1. X-rays

2. Structural and postural evaluation

3. Orthopedic and Neurological Test

4. Range of motion evaluation

Once the testing is complete your first visit will be finished. On your next visit the doctor will tell you if you are a chiropractic candidate and begin treatment if the doctor feels they can help

Your Second Visit: 

Your second visit will begin with instruction on any corrective therapy or activities that will help your particular case.  The doctor will be going over your x-rays, computerized spinal exams, and other testing.  All of your questions will be answered, including what's wrong, how chiropractic can help you, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. If we can help you, and the doctor accepts your case, you will also receive your first adjustment in our office. Please expect to be here a total of 20-30 minutes for this visit depending on the depth of your case. The doctor will outline how much care is needed with your particular condition as well as the length of time and the cost associated with your care options.

Our office has many different payment options to ensure patients are able to get the care they need with any condition.  It is recommended that any and all parties involved in your care be present for this discussion to ensure they fully understand the need for care and all options available.

Can I bring someone?

Yes. In fact, we request that you bring your spouse or significant other so that they can see your X-rays for themselves. It is very difficult to explain what is clear to see on an X-ray. Spinal problems can be very serious (even if they seem simple), and the doctor will be taking time to explain your condition in detail. It is our experience that most spouses and significant others share interest in your health and want to learn about your well-being.

Do I have to come if I've already been to a Chiropractor? 

The doctor will be relating your X-ray and exam findings, and describing our approach to chiropractic corrective care. This information is so important that many patients say they learn more about their health on this visit than any other office visit.

What is the fee?     

There is no fee for the doctor to go over your results. When the doctor makes his recommendations for your care, he will discuss the associated fees, insurance participation, and all of your financial options.



At the conclusion of your report of findings, you can choose to experience your first treatment. Treatment is interactive, so you can express concerns about the different styles of treatment anytime.

Wellness Program:


Prior to leaving, the doctor will suggest a wellness program  to incorporate outside of treatment.  If you are in pain when you first come into our office this may include: ice or heat application instructions, certain activities or positions to avoid, and at home exercises and/or stretches.  If you desire, our wellness team will work with you also to create healthy habits and routines for your lifestyle.