What to Expect


Find the cause

On your initial visit you will meet with Dr. Bailey for a consultation and history to understand the pain your facing and where it's coming from. We will need time to evaluate your file afterwards and will schedule your report of findings. During this time Dr. Bailey will discuss with you if he believes chiropractic is right for you, exactly what's wrong, an estimated time your condition will heal/stabilize and the cost of the care. 

The doctor will initially perform a complimentary chiropractic evaluation to determine if you are a chiropractic candidate before any diagnostic test are performed.  If after the doctors initial evaluation he believes you have subluxation limiting your health he will then determine which diagnostic test should be run.  For your peace of mind, the cost and explanation of the necessary test will be outlined before anything will be done.

The test that may be recommend are:

  • Consultation and History
  • Spinal Examination and Functional Assessment
  • Structural and postural evaluation
  • Orthopedic and Neurological Test
  • Range of motion evaluation
  • Spinal X-rays (Motion Study)