Individualized Nutrition


Individualized Nutrition

Whether you're looking for a purifying cleanse or a complete lifestyle change, we are here to support you and your body! Through a compete and thorough Nutritional Consultation, Dr. Bailey will be able to assess and guide you on your way to better health. The process begins with finding out which organ systems need extra support, and ends with a healthier you.

Purifying Cleanses

Standard Process has several cleanses available. Some are even as short as 10 days! Purifying and cleansing your body is a bit like changing the oil in your car. Simple, but important. If you don't properly maintain your vehicle, you cannot expect it to run properly, and the same is true for your body. We also offer guided cleanses, to ensure optimal results. So why wait? Start feeling better today!

Why Standard Process?

We think Standard Process said it best... "We are committed to clinical science that advances health and changes lives. Our Nutrition Innovation Center is the first of its kind dedicated to being on the cutting edge of nutrition science focused on supporting the whole food health advantage."